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(I read these on tumblr and they're awesome.)

The best Amazon reviews possibly ever: Buyers review the Bic Pen.

My favorite:

Worked fine with my right hand, but when I came to use my left hand my writing came out looking like the work of a complete imbecile. I can only assume Bic have created a right-handed only pen, and would caution left-handers to “try before you buy”.

“While this pen is functional and easy to use, a downside is it only supports one default font (that appears to be user specific?). I have tried multiple times to access Helvetica, Times New Roman, Impact etc. to no avail… I don’t even see any input buttons.
The default font is pretty shoddy looking, resembling Comic Sans.
An update would be appreciated Bic!”

I bought this in all good faith as someone told me that this pen would be mightier than a sword, well after spending half an hour toying with it I have realised that they obviously have never encountered automatic weapons.

I dont see whats so specail about a crystel ballpoint, the spelling is no better than other pens ive used, thoughe i havent tried all the coulers. Why cant the seller be honest and just say ‘rights nice but canot spell corectley’


Record Store Day

Record Store Day is a real, international holiday that celebrates music and record stores. Many musical releases will come out on Record Store Day, for Record Store Day. Starting with Replay Records of Hamden, CT, we will go to our favorite participating local brick-and-mortar record stores and support them. We do support them all year, but this special day reminds them that we honor them. When Andee and I were just hanging out, not even dating yet, one of the things he invited me to was the upcoming Record Store Day route with his daughter and him.

The list of releases for Record Store Day had been published! Not every store will get every item, but these are the ones I'll be looking for:

Aretha Franklin/Otis Redding RESPECT
David Bowie STARMAN
Disturbed THE COLLECTION (box set)
Janis Joplin PEARL
Ozzy Osbourne BELIEVER
Ozzy Osbourne LIVE (IF it's old stuff)
Patti Smith HORSES

(Even if I found all of these, I wouldn't get most of them; I am still jobless. However, looking is fun, and there are a few I'd HAVE to get if I saw them! I expect to come across a few and only buy two or three. If that. I may just take the opportunity to rebuild my collection)

We don't only get the special releases; we support the stores by trying to get something from each. I need to finish typing the list of records that survived Hurricane Irene, so that I don't buy doubles when I check the Heavy Metal bins in each store!



i've never had a toothache before.

this one started on friday, and i thought it would just go away. two teeth, one on the top and one on the bottom. they couldn't even be next to each other.

saturday, andee suggested that i get some ambesol. having never had a toothache, i didn't think of it. it's helping in short spurts - but even when my teeth are numb, the pain is still shooting up my ear. i'm nauseated but sure that throwing up will hurt my mouth even more.

i called the welfare dental clinic today, because it used to be open on sundays. i hope they have sliding scale. anyway, they're NOT open on sundays. i couldn't even ask for a callback because i have to be moral support for someone tomorrow, in a courtroom, so my phone has to be off. (i considered having it on vibrate and then going outside, but i'd have to answer and say, "just a sec," and even that will piss off the bailiff.)

so tomorrow, if the pain is where it is now, i will suck it up (not really - the air hurts) and go to court, and then walk into the dentist's and hope that i'll stand a better chance of getting an appointment if i'm physically there, than if i keep trying to phone and can't get through. (it IS a clinic that accepts welfare and, when i've gone there, they've been jammed.) if it's any worse, i'll have to apologize to the person who needs the moral support, and go straight to the dentist.

i am not enjoying this. i feel as though someone i don't like is playing with Black magick.

however: no money, no job. no kitten :( mouth ache/earache from hell. however, i've got a family i love, clean sheets on the bed and clean clothes in the basket (i should actually stop writing and start folding), a roof over my head, fibromyalgia mostly under control, various luxuries, and a really cool house guest. life could be worse by FAR.

on a happiness scale, i'm down to about an 8, mainly because of the toothache.

On Facebook I looked up, and found, my former best friend. No fight, just lost touch.

She was the coolest thing ever. She is a few years older than I am. I learned a lot about music and about guitars, from her. We went to a lot of concerts together, so I met people because of knowing her. She was an incredible artist, and I used to have a few pieces by her. (The ceramics and Ozzy poster were... in the basement.)

I looked at her Info and saw that her current politics clash head-on with mine. Would mine have been different if we'd stayed in touch? (I hope not; hers would probably fill me with guilt, and I say that unbiased.) Would hers?

I decided not to contact her.


Trying to get health insurance

  • My morning: Get up an hour too early to arrive at my destination half an hour early.
  • Wait outside with a dozen people ahead of me in 25°F weather (at least there was no snow like last time).
  • Get inside, wait in another line.
  • Get up and wait in another line.
  • Get the form to fill out but learn that they are so backed up that social workers no longer meet with new clients, to put my form in the drop box when I'm done filling it out. (Luckily I'd brought all my documentation with me).
  • Finish form, drop it in the drop box with little hope.
  • Leave.
  • Arrive home and the coffee pot is broken.

(We do have a Keurig and I hate to waste K-cups if we're not having a party, but I'm pretty desperate)

Time to go vote!

Snobs? not us

Today we hung art, went to a museum, then spent the day shopping and went out to dinner.

We went to the Pez factory. Poptart got a Jonathan Pez dispenser for my mom.

We went to Savers, a few Good Will stores, Ocean City Job Lots, and Big Lots. We brought along our trusty tape measure bought used frames (got a few new at Target last night) because we are hanging posters that Andee and I have had FOREVER. (I found a Rockwell that I'd purchased in '99, so long ago that I hadn't discovered eBay yet.) We got a few smaller picture frames; Poptart and I are decorating our respective bedrooms. (I needed one small frame for a British Ziggy Stardust postage stamp.)

Yes, we went for dinner. We went to Momo Cuisine for sushi, where it's not all-you-can-eat BUT it's a filling, healthy dinner.

As we laughed in the car on the way home, I noted that we have these great days without spending a buttload of money - going out for dinner isn't every week or anything. You wish you hung out with us. Our weekends as a family are envy-making.

Writer's Block: Spring Cleaning

"What do you really need to get rid of?" - I hate to say it, but books. I probably have two hundred books that I'll never read again, maybe a dozen of which I want to keep for sentimental reasons. (That's books that are piled on the floor and not books in my two bookcases.)

Before The Flood (Hurricane Irene), I had begun to box up books which were ultimately destroyed by the flood. Now, I'm working on a different area of the house. Having walking space might be nice...

But to give up books... Do not like.

Feb. 28th, 2012

I've been cleaning our living room, not only because I was moving a piece of furniture but also to make my mom appreciate Andee even more, for being a good influence. (It's working) I found all kinds of stuff, including a poster that I bought in 1999, before I'd ever discovered eBay, of the Rockwell "Tattoo Artist."  I found four Vachss first editions and a few of my Vachss comics :) I found my sealed copy of the Madonna "SEX" book. I found tons of books to donate to the library or to Andee's co-workers. I found my application for Social Security Disability, which was denied right around the time the doctors finally got my fibromyalgia under control. (That takes an entire banker's box. i'll be at the shredder for a while.) I found my certificate from Red Cross for working at Ground Zero.

And I came across two tattoo magazines. I'm not in either of them, so I don't know why I saved them. The magazines are over a dozen years old; I'm struck by how crummy the work is, compared to what is done today. I'm struck by how often women with roses on their ankles got published for taking off their shirts, when today's woman may have tons of visible bright, bold work without removing a stitch of clothing. The color isn't as good; the shading and blending of color isn't comparable.  How was I supposed to know, when I started getting tattooed in 1989, that the field would grow in leaps and bounds? I wish I'd known; I would have waited.


Janitors - maybe food for thought, Newt?

Captain Poolie, beloved friend of the blogging portion of our family, recently had opportunity to spend a few minutes as a janitor. She's thinking, as I read, about Newt Gingrich's suggestion that we replace seasoned janitors with inner city kids. Mildly grossed out (says the person whose Gentleman got her fifteen alcohol gels as part of her Chanumess gift), I share the entry with you.

My Day As a Janitor

Captain’s Log   4,299

I was told something yesterday that nobody wants to hear.

“There is no more toilet paper in the ladies room downstairs.”

That is worse than finding out there isn’t any paper left in the photocopy machine.  MUCH worse.

That might not sound like such a tragedy, but that meant someone had to fill the dispensers.  Dispensers that require keys and ingenuity.  And since I am always the one who yaps about leading by example (and we were short-staffed by three), that left me and another staff person to give it a try.

The first order of business was locating the damn key.  Since our maintenance guy doesn’t come in until around 5:00, it was imperative that we find the key and fill those damn dispensers!

We tried all sorts of keys that looked like they should be special toilet paper dispenser keys.  Nothing fit.  I went back into the maintenance area and found a second ring of keys and tried those.  Voila!  The toilet paper dispenser opened!

The next trick was figuring out how to get the empty rolls off the twirly things.  Let me tell you, those twirly things were designed by a genius!  I was so proud of myself!  I loaded them up and closed the dispenser – only to find that I had loaded them backwards.  Damn! 

So I fixed that and we moved on to the next stall.  There was a dispenser there with empty twirly things, but there wasn’t a place for a key.  No key?  How in the hell did it open?

Back into the previous stall to open that one again and discover that BOTH dispenser sides loaded from the same side with the key.  Damn toilet paper dispensing engineers!  So fookin’ clever!

So I loaded two rolls that served the other stall.  And then…..the truth of the matter was obvious.  The little container of “girl stuff” was full.  It needed to be emptied (two stalls also share one container – another ingenious design).  So….ugh.  We emptied that.  Nothing like handling someone else’s used products.  That’s all I am going to say about that.

Then, we had another set of stalls to fill.  But at least we knew what we were doing.  Sort of.  One of the twirly thing holders was a little bent so I had to sit down on the toilet and hammer it with the heel of my hand.  I guess that was better than kneeling on the floor. 

Another girl product container to empty too.

Since I was on a roll, I decided to check the feminine products dispenser.  Thank goodness that didn’t need to be refilled.

I locked everything up and washed my hands with about a quart of soap.  As I stood there and admired my work,  I could not help thinking about Newt Gingrich and his idiotic idea that children should be janitors.  I was a janitor for about fifteen minutes and I learned an incredible lesson.  Janitorial work should not be done by inexperienced people.  Do we really want 10 year olds to gain the experience of dumping feminine products into a hazardous materials bag?  Do we want them handling toxic chemicals like wax strippers and other cleaning products?  Do we want them cleaning up vomit in the hallways?

When confronted with the absurdity of his idea, he defended it.  Amazing.  I thought we had moved to a point in this country where we protected children from having to work in situations like this.  We point fingers of shame at businesses that use cheap child labor to make our tennis shoes and cell phones, but it’s okay for children in this country to clean up other people’s shit?  I think it’s a sad shame when people ascribe to the idea of teaching a work ethic by making kids become janitors in their schools.  I understand the value of keeping your own area clean, but children do not go to school to do manual labor.  They go to school to get an education.  Many of them go to school to eat two meals a day they wouldn’t get at home.  It’s our duty to protect our kids and educate them – even if they aren’t our own kids.  I don’t have any kids but I have no problem supporting our schools and teachers – and I certainly would not want to see these kids having to “work” for the right to be in school.  Punish the parents if you feel the need to blame someone, but leave the precious little ones alone.

I am not hammering Newt because he is a Republican, I am hammering him because he is an idiot about some things.  I highly doubt that he would have wanted his own children to clean up vomit or scrub floors.  Just because children are poor does not give anyone the right to sentence those children to such things.  Poor kids clean up the mess the richer children make.  That sounds a bit like slavery to me. 

So my time in the ladies room was extremely unpleasant.  I have also spent time cleaning the mens room, and that is even worse.  They might not go through scads of toilet paper, but they pee everywhere.  The floor, the walls, etc.  I wouldn’t want kids to clean that up either.  Sorry, Newt.  You are way off base. 

Perhaps I should invite Newt to the museum so he can be a janitor for half an hour.  Nah.  He’s to arrogant to learn an object lesson like that.  Too bad.  I would give anything to see him struggle with a twirly thing that won’t fit into the dispenser.


m_fallenangel, this involves you.
I had a dream this morning, very vivid. A female friend (I don't actually know her when I am awake) called because she needed to talk to me, to have a conversation she didn't want to have and had never had before. I went to see her and my brother, m_fallenangel. Much of the dream was spent doing vacationy things, though at one point the woman sat me down and held my hands in both of hers to start the conversation, which might ruin our relationship, but we got interrupted.

Another dream wove in and out, but I don't remember it.

At one point, I got up in the middle of the night, ran to the old brownstone in which the woman was, and knocked on their huge dark wooden door. She let me in out of the rain. I told her that I'd figured it out: they had been using Facial Recognition software and somehow were using pictures of me [and my grey hair] instead of pictures of my brother's true mother. In the dream, as now, I wasn't mad in the slightest.

Thought I'd share that - I seldom have dreams that clear.


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