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Sleep Study

Yesterday was Andee's birthday and I really wanted to spend it with him.

However, a sleep study needed to make the insurance company happy... long story.

Despite the stories I heard, it was fine! I missed sleeping with Andee, and I had to sleep on my back. (Couldn't do anything about the Sleeping On My Back part, but I Built A Boyfriend out of pillows. Hardly as satisfying, but there was something to my left and it was better than nothing.)

The room... I was expecting a bright hospital room. I got what looked like a hotel room except for wires peeping out behind things. (The oxygen that some people need is behind a picture on the wall.) The lights were pleasant, and were shut out when I went to bed. Cameras were allowed, so I took some pictures of the room and the pile of pillows that was a poor surrogate for Andee. I also took a few of myself.

The technician lady brought me herbal tea and, after hooking me up to everything, checked in once an hour until I was ready to sleep. After House, I put on American Dad and had the lady hook my wires to the wall.

It was so quiet that you wouldn't have known that there were four studies of snorers (I understand that I was loud, myself, since I had to sleep on my back) at the same time.

I don't like sleeping on my back, but I made do. I wake up a lot, and last night was no exception. At least it's all recorded for Insurance.

This morning, after I was unhooked (and the gluey stuff was melted and combed out of my hair by the nice lady), I got a nice surprise: the study group treated me to breakfast. In the cafeteria, I met a really pleasant man who was also part of the sleep study, and he asked me to join him. Because I was the last one let go from the study, it was later than I realized, and I got home missing Andee by about five stinkin' minutes :(

Well, we have Date Night tonight. I am going to nap sleeping on my side, in our own bed until Andee gets home <3


May. 3rd, 2012 12:45 am (UTC)
Oh man, I know- I hate those stupid studies... but I sleep SO much better with the CPAP thingy now... I mean, I still wake up and have other issues- but the sleep seems to count for more hours in the 'refreshed when I wake' way!

I have several more to 'look forward to' after this surgery is dealt with- they think I have narcolepsy, which is hysterically funny in all the wrong ways- BUT it can be treated, so that's fine. It's just dang funny. ;)

Edited at 2012-05-03 12:45 am (UTC)

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