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Banking fun

Gotta love my big bank. I'm going to be calling the little ones today.

I'm about to get slapped with a $X fee every month because I don't have a directly deposited paycheck. This is on top of the $X fee - same amount - every month for online banking, which I have to pay if I want to bank online... because I don't have a directly deposited paycheck.

I emailed the bank to see if my unemployment check can count, since it's direct deposit.

Sure. As long as it equals $YYY per month.

It doesn't equal $YYY per month; it's 25% short of being enough! (It's UNEMPLOYMENT for crying out loud.)

So, what do I do.

I close my account and ask the State to stop direct deposit.

Then I get a paper check? Then:
  • I pay a fee at the bank on which it's drawn, if I don't have an account there (I only opened the account because my old paycheck was drawn on them and they charge $5/check to cash their own checks for non-customers); or
  • I sign the check over to my mother and
    • have her write my bill checks for me, and listen to how I don't bank right (it works for me - until NOW - even if it's not traditional) (and I do feel that it's an opinion she's entitled to have) OR
    • have her give me cash - then buy money orders for a fee for each one OR
  • I suck it up and keep my account, and pay the bank's emeffing fee.
However, the State has "gone green." I may have to settle for their debit card, and pay fees for my withdrawals. Then see the square bullets above.

In response to my email: a canned reply that they are sorry to see me go.

I look for jobs on Tuesdays; then I can see not only the weekend classifieds but also ads for positions in which someone has quit over the weekend (that are posted on Mondays). I should have applied for something like 72 jobs by now; I've applied for 249 and will apply for another ten today. I want to work!



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Apr. 10th, 2012 03:43 pm (UTC)
Dude, seriously. No fees, and they pay interest on basic checking and savings accounts. Not much, but more than most banks pay.
Apr. 13th, 2012 01:35 am (UTC)
CNN named them one of the less objectionable banks - thank you!

The branch manager at Wells Fargo wants to meet with me next week, since they are putting in some new kinds of accounts.

My newest "other option" is to bank where Andee banks, where there is a "refer a friend" incentive.
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